Who we are

We are ambitious professionals working for the improvement of the situation of Roma in Europe. Formally, ERGO Network is a Netherlands based foundation with an office in Brussels. On this page the Staff and Board are introduced. Read more about our network, partners and allies in the network section.


ERGO Network Team



Jamen Gabriela Hrabanova -  Executive Director

ERGO Network, Brussels.

Christine Sudbrock - Progamme and Communication manager
ERGO Network, Brussels.

Carmen Tenasie- Management Assistent
ERGO Network, Brussels



Paolo Ferraresi - Financial Manager 
ERGO Network, Brussels

Nicolet Pennekamp - Graphic designer
Volunteer for ERGO Network



Board members of ERGO Network

Stanislav Daniel             Chair

Adriatik Hasantari           Vice-Chair

Karlien de Ruijter           Treasurer

Lili Makaveeva                Board member

Biser Alekov                    Board member


email: info@ergonetwork.org

ERGO Network 
Rue d’Edimbourg 26
1050 Brussels
ERGO Network (postal address)
Acaciastraat 7
6573 WZ Beek Ubbergen
The Netherlands
t: +32 (0)2 893 10 49+32 (0)2 893 10 49 t: +31 (0)24 737 01 50+31 (0)24 737 01 50



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