Don't evict Roma families of 'Via Salaria’ in Rome, Italy and offer decent alternatives!

15 March 2016

Appeal from the inhabitants the ‘Via Salaria Collection Center’, Rome Italy

We call upon you to offer the opportunities to the Roma people from via Salaria to live like equal citizens in Europe -with decent housing conditions and facilities that make sure their children can invest in a better future.

After accommodating us in inhumane conditions for years, after having spent millions lot euro on us, while soon we will be left on the streets without any decent alternatives to become equal citizens!

We are inhabitants of the ‘Collection Center of Via Salaria’ in Rome. We are 385 people -half of us are children. We are all Roma and we arrived in this center after being evicted from the ‘Casilino 700’ Roma camp in November 2009. We live in an industrial building near to the municipal plant for treatment and selection of solid waste. Each family (4-5 people) has about 12 m2 that are created by movable dividers and have no windows. We share one toilet per 20 people that has no ventilation. We are not allowed to cook inside the camp. Among us are a high number of people with serious health problems. And, despite the poor conditions and inhumane treatment in the camp, our children go to school regularly and have good results.

The City of Rome has spent millions of euros on our camp. According to researches, a single family costs EUR 20.000 per year. Most of these resources are for management, security and surveillance of the center. Only 6.5% is for education services, while nothing has been invested in social inclusion investments. We would have been very much helped id our housing and working independence was secured in the past years. Instead, soon our living conditions will deteriorate further!

The municipality of Rome has informed us our center will close due to lack of economic resources by June 2016. The first group of 35 families has to leave the center by March 28th, while the other inhabitants will be gradually expelled until June. No alternative solutions are offered –we will end up on the road, in shanty towns with no facilities.  We are desperate!

We call upon the city of Rome, the Italian government and European Commission to sure us – Roma families from Via Salaria- to have a chance for our equal citizenship and offer us decent housing conditions and facilities that make sure their children can invest in a better future.

In name of the inhabitants of ‘Collection Center of Via Salaria’:

Eva Maruntel– Roma mediator in Rome

Dijana Pavlovic – Vice President Federazione Rom e Sinti insieme

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