UPDATE VIA IDRO: This week the camp will be evicted!

14 March 2016

The story of the people from Via Idro ends sadly. After the decision of the State Council on March 2nd which has considered unfounded grounds of the residents who demanded to stop the eviction, Milan Commissioner Marco Granelli has decided to speed up the eviction of Roma families to which it has been proposed the temporary solution in the Social  Emergency Centers and Housing Autonomy Centers, without any guarantee for their future. This uprooting from their homes and their lives considers  a hundred people –of which half children!

In 7 months (time has passed since August 17, 2015, the date of approval of the resolution of the City Council deciding the eviction of this Roma Camp),  the Milan Municipality has not been able to make appropriate proposals, much less to open a dialogue with the most of the families in order to improve the housing solutions  and the stability of their lives.

So tomorrow will start the eviction: those who agree will be transferred to the  temporary Centers, those who refuse will simply be put on the street, losing everything they have built together in 25 years.

We reiterate that there is no emergency to justify the treatment that violates the right to a dignified life for this Roma families. Their lives will depend on who will win  the upcoming elections in Milan.

There will be the local elections in May, and we believe that the choice of the Municipality to close this camp in this way is only a part of the electoral campaign. In any case, we commit to monitor, track and make public the future of each one of these families.




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