The ERGO Network expresses its concerns about the closure of the Roma Department in the Municipality of Kavarna

10 February 2016

The Bulgarian National Roma Civil Society Coalition “Intellect”* came earlier today with an official position concerning the massive firing of Roma employees in the Municipality of Kavarna, Bulgaria.

Sofia, 10 February 2016

“The Municipality of Kavarna is known not only in Bulgaria, but also in Europe with its positive model of minorities’ integration. During the last few years the municipality has been visited by many representatives of the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the ambassadors of the US, UK, France and others to learn about the approaches and methods of work led to better Roma integration and promote them nationally and internationally.

Unfortunately, the new leadership of Kavarna Municipality has taken actions to interrupt this positive process. The first action was to close down the department for integration of minorities, which worked successfully for 12 years, followed by the dismissal of its employees. In addition, the municipality brought out their two Roma health mediators from the main building of the municipality, limiting access of Roma to the central municipal administration.

The National “Intellect” Coalition is alarmed by these negative trends in Kavarna Municipality and calls on local authorities not to interrupt the positive development of the local Roma community and to address any arising challenges in the dialogue and cooperation with Roma citizens”.

*Integro association, core member of ERGO Network, is a member of “Intellect”.The previous mayor of Kavarna Tsonko Tsonev, was awarded the prize for ‘Most Roma Friendly Mayor’ during  ERGO Network’s ‘Typical Roma’-campaign in April 2010 and has been involved in many activities of our organization.





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