ERGO Network welcomes new director of Fundamental Rights Agency

14 October 2015


Dear Mr O'Flaherty,

The Advisory Panel of the Fundamental Rights Platform warmly welcomes you as  the new Director of the Agency and wishes you all the best for discharging your office.

The Advisory Panel has supported the Director since 2009, also by improving the Agency's processes, procedures and coordination with civil society organisations who are members of the FRP. We look forward to continuing this rewarding and important work with you. We are particularly gratified to see the impact and potential of the 'Strategic framework for FRA and civil society cooperation', which we developed together late last year, and we are excited to be a part of further developments toward 'FRP 2.0'.
The FRP represents more than 400 civil society organisations working with people across the EU; on a European, national and local level. As civil society we represent a wide diversity of people experiencing rights violations and discrimination on all different grounds and in all areas of life.
Beyond Europe's persistent fundamental rights violations, such as anti-immigration sentiment, racism and xenophobia and the current humanitarian emergency, we believe we have an additional serious challenge to tackle together: the growing populism in EU Member States and corresponding Euro-scepticism. Such sentiments lead people to perceive the EU as a distant and elitist establishment, which does not reflect their own daily problems and needs.
Among our responsibilities we should therefore strive to improve the broadness of the European Union, its people and its aspirations in the Agency’s work and operations, also by way of diversity management. We would particularly welcome opportunities to engage with you in strengthening the work and operation of the Agency in this respect utilizing the FRP members’ spectrum of representation, not least in geographical terms.
We look forward to meeting you at your earliest convenience and supporting you and your efforts in helping to make fundamental rights a reality for everyone in the European Union.

Annica, Gabriela, Luciano, Marianne, Pablo, Panos, Sanja, Tove & Valentin
Ms Tove Linnea Brandvik (European Network on Independent Living)
Mr Valentín González (European Network Against Racism)
Ms Gabriela Hrabanova (European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network)
Mr Panagiotis Pardalis (The Smile of the Child)
Mr Pablo Rojas Coppari (Migrant Rights Centre Ireland and Platform for International Cooperation for Undocumented Migrants)
Ms Annica Ryngbeck (Social Platform)
Ms Sanja Sarnavka (Human Rights House Zagreb)
Mr Luciano Scagliotti (Centro d’Iniziativa per l’Europa del Piemonte)
Ms Marianne Schulze (Austrian League for Human Rights)




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