August 2. Romani Holocaust Remembrance Day.

2 August 2015

August 2. Romani Holocaust Remembrance Day. Hundreds of thousands dead Roma and Sinti during the War War II. Attacks by extremists continued today. Pig farm in Lety in the Czech Republic is not removed from the Holocaust site. Roma all around Europe face anti-Gypsyism on daily bases, politicians using Roma as scapegoats for their political games and the tension among ordinary people is keep growing. It is our duty not to let the history fade in happenings of today, but keep the memory of our ancestors alive and learn from it in order to live better life.

Roma and non-Roma, young and old are organizing commemorations all around Europe. Yesterday 100 Roma and Sinti survivors and young people hold a first commemoration ceremony on the place of Crematorium V in Auschwitz-Birkenau as a part of Dik i na Bistar 71st Anniversary by Roma Genocide Initiative.

The Roma Holocaust Remembrance Day should resonate in every European country. It should be a recognized day across European Union as proposed by all members of the European Parliament. Political elites should help to promote this day and contribute to equal and respectful life for Roma and Sinti in Europe.


Statements at the occasion of #2august: (to be updated

The European Commissioner for Human Rights issued a statement about the importance to recognize and remember the Roma Genocide and the long European history of persecution in order to combat antigypsyism. He highlights the scandal that there is still a pig farm in Lety where Roma were systematically killed.

Roma Holocaust Memorial Day: Statement by First Vice-President Timmermans and Commissioner Jourová




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