ERGO Network concerned about the decrease of attention towards Roma in the Country Specific Recommendations 2015

20 May 2015

Press release

ERGO Network is concerned about the decrease of attention towards the situation of Roma in the Country Specific Recommendations adopted by the European Commission on Wednesday 13th May.

The number of countries receiving recommendations explicitly mentioning Roma is the same as in the previous years (5 countries), yet the number of recommendations decreased from 8 in 2013 to only 5 in the latest CSRs.

All recommendations this year refer exclusively to early childhood education and increasing participation in (mainstream) education. While ERGO Network believes in the power of education to break the cycle of the disadvantaged and welcomes the attention paid to Roma children, it is important to underline that those recommendations have been repeated every year for the same countries and little or no improvements have been made. 

In addition, despite the underrepresentation of Roma in the labour market is mentioned for all countries both in the Country Reports and in the preambles, the CSRs do not reflect those considerations. Integration through employment is an important element for social integration and Member States should invest in ensuring equal access to the labour market and to employment services, as well as the quality and efficiency of their Employment Services in addressing and reaching out to unemployed Roma.

ERGO Network together with its members will carry out a full assessment of the CSRs bringing the perspective of Roma grassroots organisations in the policy process of the European Semester.


More information on the Country Specific Recommendations are available here.


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