Looking back to European Roma Platform

18 May 2015

Brussels, May 2015

According to ERGO Network, the 9th EU Roma platform  was the best ever: due to the participatory leadership approach of the first day the atmosphere of the meeting allowed real exchange and touch-base with actors –such as NRCP and local governments.

The workshops created great awareness on the topics discussed –Anti-Gypsyism and Multi Stakeholder Coordination- among those not much involved in the content of the issue of Roma Inclusion. However, some of those more deeply involved in the issue missed the deeper analysis of the topics discussed.

Commissioner Jourova held a very touching speech, in which she embraced the concept of Anti-Gypsyism, but we regret she refrained to propose concrete steps or commitment how she will act on combatting Anti-Gypsyism.

The rapporteurs made pretty good reports from the workshops that where brought to the political panel. However, the political panel did not really answer to the questions. The debate on the topic of ‘The way forwards” was rather a collection of different proposals that were not connected. The final conclusions made by the EC on the workshop on Anti-Gypsyism are not sufficiently taking into account the content of the reports made by the rapporteurs.

To conclude, the set-up of the meeting was far better than previous platforms. However, the topics discussed needs to be brought further by setting up working groups for the both topics (Anti-Gypsyism and Multi Stakeholder Cooperation) to make sure expertise of key players can feed-in to the policy process on a high level.

Together with other (Pro) Roma Civil Society actors, ERGO has have made concrete proposals for a structured dialogue with the EC (see ‘Civil Society contribution on establishing a structured dialogue on Roma inclusion policy & funding), of which a number of issues are still open to discuss. Therefor we would like to ask the following:

The conclusions published by the EC are not sufficiently taking into account the content of the reports made by the rapporteurs, -especially the one on Anti-Gypsyism. Therefor we would like you to reconsider the conclusion on Anti-Gypsyism and rewrite them so that this lays the right basis for follow up.

Commissioner and the European Commission refrained from proposing concrete steps or commitment how to act on combatting Anti-Gypsyism. We ask you to inform us about the steps DG Justice Equality Directorate plans to take to combat Anti-Gypsyism.

In order to integrate the Platform more fully into relevant policy processes and to allow the outcomes from this year’s expert discussions to feed into policy cycle, we would like to emphasise the importance of engaging in structured dialogue through dedicated working groups. These working groups, focused on the topics of Multi-Stakeholder Coordination and Anti-Gypsyism, should ensure concrete follow-up on the main recommendations of the Platform’s interactive sessions. Therefor we would like to see the Roma Unit of the European Commission to organise two dedicated working groups on Multi-Stakeholder Coordination and Anti-Gypsyism and propose to include these two topics on the agenda of the next consultation meeting in June.


This text was used from a letter sent by ERGO Network to  Mrs. Salla Saastamoinen, director Equality of DG Justice on 11th May, 2015


Here is the link to letter and the attachment




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