Integrated approaches for Roma: outcomes of case studies in 5 EU member states

16 December 2014

Integrated or comprehensive strategies are slowly but surely becoming more prominent in national, and in particular in EU policy approaches to Roma inclusion. Results are mixed however, and integrated programmes do not always reach communities on the ground. A series of case studies undertaken by ERGO Network members in 5 EU member states looks at experiences with LEADER and Housing interventions in the previous programming period and formulates recommendations for 2014 – 2020.

Fieldwork for the case studies was done in the summer and autumn of 2014. Results and main conclusions were presented at the Hearing ‘Cohesion for all?’ on Wednesday 3 December in the European Parliament. The meeting was co-organised by ERGO Network and the Decade for Roma Inclusion-secretariat and hosted by Soraya Post MEP.

A synthesis paper, ‘Integrated Approaches for Roma Integration’ provides an overview of the main findings of the case studies and presents concrete recommendations for national and local actors and structural fund managing authorities. You can download it here


"Cohesion for all?"- program with presentations


13.00 – Opening: Structural funds and EU commitment to Roma Inclusion

Moderation: Gabriela Hrabanova (ERGO Network)

Terry Reintke (MEP Group of the Greens/EFA)

Valerie Morrica (World Bank)


13.20– Panel 1: Monitoring Roma inclusion in Europe

Moderation and introduction: Márton Rövid (Decade of Roma Inclusion Secretariat)

Presentation of the main findings:

Saimir Mile (La Voix des Rroms, France)

Guillermo Ruiz (Sozial Fabrik, Germany)

Simonetta Bormioli (Associazione 21 luglio, Italy)

Adrian Jones (Nat. Federation of Gypsy Liaison Groups, UK) 

presented the UK report: Gypsy, Travellers, and Roma: Experts by Experience

Response from the European Commission: Dora Husz (Policy Officer DG EMPL)


14.15 – Panel 2: Integrated Programming for Roma

 Moderation and introduction: Ruus Dijksterhuis (ERGO Network)

Integrated Programming for urban inclusion: Kumar Vishwanathan (Life Together, Czech Republic)

Housing interventions and public consultation: Lili Makaveeva (Integro, Bulgaria)

LEADER and Roma Inclusion:  Daniel Grebeldinger (Nevo Parudimus, Romania

Response from the European Commission: Michael Ralph (Adviser to Deputy Director General DG REGIO)


15.00 – Conclusions

Moderation: Gabriela Hrabanova (ERGO Network)

Salla Saastamoinen (Director, Equality DG Justice)

Andrey Ivanov (Fundamental Rights Agency)


15.30 – Closing




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