The European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion

27 June 2014

On 25th June, ERGO Network took part in the 9th Stakeholders' Dialogue meeting of the European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion(EPAP) together with many other civil society organisations and representatives of the European Commission.

The Platform gathered in the framework of the broader ongoing public consultation for the review of Europe 2020, the overall European Union's strategy for growth and jobs.

ERGO Network steered the group discussion which looked back at the involvement of stakeholders in the Europe 2020 strategy and proposed recommendations for the improvement of the process and further engagement of stakeholders also at local and national level. Other groups looked at how to improve the engagement in Europe 2020 at national level, challenges to take into account in the future, the relation between the European and the national targets to reduce the number of people at risk of poverty and social exclusion, as well as the vision of the EPAP after four years of its establishment.

The next important meetings related to the process are on 22-24 September when the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) is organising the “European Meeting of People Experiencing Poverty” and 20-21 November when the European Commission is organising the Annual Convention which will features also side-events by civil society organisatons.




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