16 of May: Romani Resistance Day

7 May 2014

On the occasion of the 16 of May, the Roma Resistance Day and of the European Elections on 22-25 May we call our members, partners, allies, to resist, to take common action and to mobilize people for a “Wall Free Europe”.


Online action

A On-line action through social networks across Europe asking to upload the Resistance Logo as profile picture of twitter/facebook and pin to the top of the wall the following common message:

“Today  I celebrate #RomaniResistance in Birkeanu on #16May 1944, I stand up with #Roma 4 #humanrights, I #vote4change in #EP2014 #OpreRoma”

Starting on 15 of May!

Offline action

Urban invasion “tag the walls with a logo for Roma Resistance”: murals on the walls of the city. We will offer the logo of Resistance. You must create a template from the Logo: print the logo in A3, and cut it. Usually the print shop has a laser cutting for this. Or you can make by yourself, here a really helpful video


Then you just need the spry and the game is done. The action will be made over the night between 16 and 17 May in different countries.


Background information on RomaResistance: 16 May 1944

The Nazi intended to exterminate the Roma completely as early as May 1944. On May 15, Gypsy Camp director SS Georg Bonigut ordered the inmates to stay in their barracks. The next day, 50 to 60 SS men surrounded the camp. They attempted to force the prisoners out of the barracks, but failed to do so. The 16th of May 1944, Men, Women and Children of the Gypsy camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, warned by the internal Resistance Network of the camp, got  organized in order to fight off SS guards who came the same night to lead them to the Gas Chambers. Fearing casualties, the Nazi withdrew in front of the rebellion of Roma man, woman and children. There were significant numbers of Wehrmacht veterans among the prisoners. The Nazi also feared that a mutiny could spread to other parts of the camp. On May 23, over 1,500 Roma were transferred from Birkenau to Auschwitz, from where they were subsequently transferred to Buchenwald. Two days later, 82 Roma were shipped to the Flossenburg camp and 144 Roma women to Ravensbrueck. Fewer than 3,000 people remained in the Family Camp. The extermination of the Roma in Auschwitz-Birkenau occurred on the night of August 2/3, 1944. Despite resistance by the Roma, 2,897 men, women, and children were loaded on trucks, taken to gas chamber V, and exterminated.




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