International Roma Day 2014

7 May 2014
Today, on the occasion of the International Roma Day, ERGO Network joins ENAR and ILGA-Europe initiatives to monitor hate speech made by politicians during electoral campaigns for the European Parliament elections as part of the newly released “Wall Free Europe” Campaign. 
We fear that at the European Parliament extreme-right parties will gain a significant amount of representation, as confirmed by the national elections in Hungary this weekend (with Jobbik, based on Anti-Roma and Anti-Jews sentiment, gain 21 % of votes, becoming the second political party in the Hungarian Parliament) and the recent local elections in France (where the Front National of Marine Le Pen takes control of 11 municipalities). “The current rise of hate-speech by politicians, accelerated by the media, builds new ´walls´ of ignorance in people´s minds. That is why part of the Wall Free Europe campaign aims to monitor, tackle and prevent the hate-speech made by politicians in their electoral campaigns”, says Gabriela Hrabanova, Policy Coordinator of ERGO Network.
During the International Roma Day, we call on all to sign the pledge for Roma Dignity. The Roma Dignity Pledge
declares that Roma in Europe should be treated with respect, fairness, justice and equality. Equal citizenship for all Roma can only be achieved by eliminating and condemning verbal and physical attacks and discrimination against Roma. Roma need to be listened to, to be included, to be empowered so that Roma can have a sense of pride and self-respect.We call upon all to actively participate in the elections and change the reality to stop the rise of populism andanti-Gypsyism across Europe. With your support, we will be monitoring political parties and individual candidates’ adherence through the following reporting form available online: 
The monitoring results will be updated every 2 weeks on in the category “elections” and publicly presented before the election on May 16. This date will mark the 70th anniversary of the Roma Uprising in Auschwitz-Birkenau.
Ahead of the European elections on 22–25 May, it is important to mobilize the Roma electorate to access the
right to vote. We, the Roma, should move from being a subject of the vote buying and someone else’s political
will. We can make a difference by joining forces and participating in the election. Opre Roma!




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