Annual Report 2012

23 July 2013

ERGO Network Annual Report for 2012 - Struggle for Dialogue. 

ERGO Network presents its Annual Report for 2012 with its preface here by Ruus Dijksterhuis, Executive Director of ERGO Network:

As no other, ERGO Network and its members experience that Roma inclusion is an uphill struggle. Although we look back on a successful year, in which we tested innovative approaches for Roma empowerment (like the RomaReact online and offline campaign) and continued to play an influential role in the European advocacy together with the European Roma Policy Coalition (ERPC), we observe that many of the grassroots oriented organizations we work with struggle for survival. The current funding landscape cripples them to play a forceful role.

Deeply-rooted anti-Gypsyism is largely overlooked by European policy makers and is the root-cause of the failure of European funding to bring the necessary change in the field. The emphasis should be on enhancing mutual understanding and respect, instead of expecting Roma themselves to unilaterally change their culture and adapt. Both Roma and non-Roma must assume their responsibilities to act and effectively fight against anti-Gypsyism.

We will not succeed to bring the much needed change in society unless Roma are at the core of the policies targeting them! Only if Roma are participating as full citizens, they can create bottom-up pressure and take initiative and ownership in actions targeting them.

My dream for 2013 is that we finally reach a dialogue with European and national institutions concerning the fundamental changes needed in order to enable Roma to achieve equal citizenship. 




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