Minimum Measures for Roma Participation in the EU and MS policy processes

9 July 2013

Joint Proposal of Roma Civil Society organisations and individuals that met on June 26th 2013 in Brussels

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Different Roma society actors gathered on June 26th to discuss how Roma can become respected stakeholders (on ground) in the process of shaping, implementing and monitoring policies and programmes targeting them and to draft a joint proposal towards the European Commission (EC) and Member States (MS). This resulted in this joint proposal.

Roma exclusion is a growing concern of the many actors.  All acknowledge that current policies and funding do not address sufficiently the complexity of Roma Inclusion and are not starting from the perspective of the human rights based approach. This status quo is a result of persistent discrimination against Roma that results in lack access to education, housing, health and basic citizens’ rights and their underrepresentation in public and political life. The current economic crisis pushes Roma further out of society –locked in their rural and urban ghetto’s, if not migrated to places with more opportunities- which makes them easy targets for populism and hate.  The dimension of deeply-rooted anti-Gypsyism is largely overlooked by European policy makers and is one of the root-causes of the failure of European funding to bring the necessary change on the ground.

The situation of Roma in Europe is catastrophic. While dedicated efforts are urgently needed, we observe lack of a sense of urgency to forcefully invest in equal citizenship for Roma!  Therefor we call the EC and MS to take concrete measures in the next programming period (2014-2020) to break the status quo.

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