Inovative Strategies were proposed by Romani Youngsters

18 September 2012


Representatives from ERGO Network and ternYpe, international youth Roma network participated at the advocacy seminar on health issue in Turkey. This workshop created a great opportunity to rise a voice of Romani youngters across Europe in this very important topic, one of the main pillars to Roma inclusion in Europe. Young Roma representatives shared their concern about the challenges they face in health area and proposed their recommendations. Moreover they all supported the need of involving more youngers in the advocacy debates on Roma inclusion. UNFPA should continue their efforts and serve as an example for other international organizations. 


ISTANBUL, Turkey -- A 2 day workshop shares best practices from European non-government organisations in working with Roma communities.

A Roma youth advocacy workshop on September 10 and 11, hosted by UNFPA’s Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, came to a successful completion in Istanbul, Turkey. Twenty-eight representatives from across Europe (including Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Turkey) attended the 2-day event.

It was an excellent opportunity to discuss and analyse useful grass roots experience as well as practical strategies for working within Roma communities. The focus of the event was developing approaches for addressing sexual reproductive health issues amongst Roma youth (as well as those from Ashkali and Balkan Egyptian communities). Participants placed a particular emphasis on empowering Roma youth to spread awareness about the issues involved amongst their peers. Innovative strategies and approaches were demonstrated and reviewed by the energetic participants.

The outcomes collected from this workshop will be adapted to a wider strategy to be implemented in 2013. It is expected that taking into account the field experiences of the participants will help create a realistic, effective and workable strategy for addressing the sexual reproductive health issues that Roma communities currently face.

Reflecting on the event, Makadonka Trajkovska from the UNFPA’s Macedonia office was optimistic about the outcome, “Not only did participants share a whole range of practices, but we made clear progress in developing our 2013 strategy. Also, as a direct result of knowledge exchanged during the meeting, I hope to hear future success stories from participants”.





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