Review of the National Roma Strategy of Bulgaria by Integro Association

26 February 2012

Integro Association staff members made a “Review of the National Roma Strategy of Bulgaria” that has been adopted by Council of Ministers in Bulgaria on December 21, 2012.

Strategic aim of NSIR is related to creating conditions for equal integration of Roma and Bulgarian citizens of other vulnerable ethnic disadvantaged groups in social and economic life by providing equal opportunities and equal access to rights, benefits, goods and services, participation in all public areas and improve the quality of life while respecting the principles of equality and non discrimination.

National Strategy integrates measures identified in the current document in the sectors of education, health and housing, offering a comprehensive approach in solving the problems of Roma integration. Besides these three areas as priorities are outlined in her employment, the rule of law and non-discrimination, culture and media. Operational document - -action plan - which will implement the strategy. It will be implemented in two stages - until 2014, when completed implementation of the National Action Plan for the international initiative Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015, and 2020, coinciding with the next programming period the European Union and the operational programs in Bulgaria. Financial support measures in the Action Plan will be implemented with funds from the state budget and through EU financial instruments. 

National Strategy for Roma Integration was prepared based on the European Commission Communication "An EU Framework for National Integration Strategies for Roma. " The document was prepared by a working group at the National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and integration issues, which included representatives of key institutions of executive and Roma organizations. Integro representatives were also members of this working group.




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