2nd Roma Café ""Digital Rise of Roma Familes""

26 February 2012

ERGO Network has a pleasure to invite you to 2nd Roma Café with our special guests Gyula Vamosi, young web entrepreneur and founder of Kaskosan.com, who will be joined through skype by Mustafa Jakubov from Macedonian NGO RROMA and by Silvana Lemos, the Expert on Digital Inclusion from Brazil to discuss topic "Digital Rise of Roma Families". Roma Café will take place on February 29, 2012 from 19 o´clock in Mundo B Bulding, Rue d’Edimbourg 26, Brussels.

Roma Cafe 02/2012

Special guest: Gyula Vamosi (Kaskosan.com)

Joining us by Skype:  Mustafa Jakubov (RROMA Macedoina) & Silvana Lemos (Expert on Digital Inclusion, Brazil)

Topic to be discussed: Digital Rise of Roma Families

New technology has entered many households. Surfing the web is no longer only the habit of young people;  the computer has become a family gadget. How important is the internet for Romani families? What it is used for? What about the term “digital inclusion”? Can new technologies help with Roma inclusion? What is the experience in Brazil? How can advanced experience from Brazil inspire us? And Roma families? 

Please confirm your participation in the first Roma Café to Gabriela Hrabanova at (g.hrabanova@ergonetwork.org) by 12:00 on Monday, February 27, 2012.

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Roma café
ERGO Network organizes monthly Roma café to share Roma realities through exchange of facts, ideas, trends, to feed the policy debate on Roma Inclusion and Citizenship.

Roma caféis an informal space for all who are working or are interested on Roma issues and are eager to understand better the cause. ERGO Network sees it crucially important to provide space for Roma and officials as well as the others to share their stories and debate together about realities and challenges.

During each Roma café, Roma personalities from all over Europe are invited as debate starters, like human rights activists, researchers, social workers, celebrities as well as people who work closely with Roma on grassroots level. While drinking a coffee, a custom of many Roma people, the moderated debate brings us closer to each other. Roma café has the intention to bring new thoughts into our lives, projects and policies.
Roma caféis held in English. 




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