Roma Reality in Europe - Documentary Film Screening

8 December 2010

Monday 13 December - 18.00
Mundo B - Rue d'Edimbourg 26 - 1050 Ixelles

ERGO Network kindly invites you to a unique screening event in Brussels. We invited two documentary film producers to introduce their work and engage in a dialogue with the audience. Entrance is free.

18.00 Welcome

18.30 "Guilty until proven innocent - Roma and the State of France"
Introduced by: Marion Kurucz - Producer, Romedia Foundation

"Since July 2010, the French government's policies on the expulsion of Eastern-European Roma from France have fed an unprecedented media frenzy in Europe and beyond. The Budapest-based Romedia Foundation, producer of the award-winning "Mundi Romani -- the World through Roma Eyes" series uncovers the roots of the issues at stake." (29 mins) (

19.15 "Colorful but Colorblind - Roma beyond stereotypes"
Introduced by: Tihomir Loza - Deputy Director, Transitions

"Few media outlets feature balanced coverage of Roma communities. This project aimed to simultaneously encourage a more nuanced coverage of Roma issues in Central and Eastern Europe, greater participation of Roma journalists in mainstream media operations, and inter-cultural dialogue and mutual understanding." A selection of documentary clips. (approx 20 mins) (




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