Roma houses ceremony in Uzunkopru district, Turkey

13 November 2010

Last week the Thrakya network presented a report on the situation of Roma communities in the region to the government in Ankara. The government reacted positively: They were suprised by the conrete material on the situation of the Roma in the region and to inlcude also the local authorities. This was a missing link in the process so far: Roma organisations went directly to national government. Government officials promised to work with the Thrakya region as a pilot region to start projects together with the local authorities to improve the situation of the Roma in the communities. 

A first action that followed was the inauguration of 26 social house-dwellings builded in Uzunköprü district of Edirne for Roma families. Hayati Yaz?c?, the secretary of state and deputy prime minister, joined the inaugural. Also the governor of Edirne, Mr. Mr. Gökhan Sozer and other national and local institutions representatives attended. Social house-dwelling was funded by SYD Foundation. Totally 26 Roma families are now having a home.

Mr. Yazici said that the Social Houses production will be increased. Twelve thousand social house-dwellings were planned to be build and some of them have already given to the owners according to the minister.Mr. Bahattin Ulusoy from Edrom said in his speech that Roma now can express their identity without fear in Turkish Republic. He thanked the prime minister for taking up this issue seriously and starting the dialogue.




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