The ERGO Network 

ERGO Network mobilizes and connects organisations and individuals who share a set of core values, to co-create the courage, capacity and approaches to

- combat inequality, stigmatization and discrimination;

- strengthen Roma civil society participation in decision making at local, national and European level;

- commit governments and European institutions to effective anti-discrimination and social inclusion policies for Roma.


Core values of ERGO Network 

ERGO Network champions adherence to democratic values of pluralism, tolerance, dialogue and equality.

We emphasise the realization of equality of rights as citizens, including the right to dignity and opportunity to define one’s own identity.

Our guiding principle is that Roma themselves have to take an active role to accomplish equal citizenship, recognising the fact that this is a shared responsibility of Roma communities and majority populations.

As a network we promote a culture of emancipation and active participation in the public domain – as individuals and collectively. We resist paternalism and tokenism, and encourage critical reflection and an investigative attitude.

All member organisations subscribe to these values and adhere to high standards of transparency and accountability. Members are expected to maintain a culture of openness and service to the people, so that that network as a whole can maintain the credibility of its actions and positions. 

While ERGO Network has experienced strong growth since its establishment and has become one of the most active and visible Roma advocates at European level, our approaches remain close to our roots:

Founded on local experience 

ERGO Network was founded by organizations with direct links to local communities to make their voice heard. The connection with local realities remains our core strength.

Rooted in reality

We support Roma civil society to act from a stronger position and to challenge typical assumptions of policy makers by feeding the debate with evidence from the ground.


We bring people together across borders to share and learn, but also to stand stronger together in representing the issues that our constituents face.

Led by innovation and creativity

We explore unpaved paths to develop non-conventional approaches and new instruments and arguments to drive the Roma policy agenda forward.

Powered by narratives

ERGO Network creates narratives in which Roma people are equally respected. We aim to show the rich diversity among Roma, challenging stereotypical views.


We bring together and align people and organisations that share our passion to bring positive change to the position of Roma in societies.

ERGO Network Members

ERGO Network brings together 24 organisations from different European countries. Through its members, ERGO Network is strongly connected to community based organisations, leaders and Roma youth branches. They understand local dynamics and contexts and can create bottom-up pressure on administrations to take positive action to address Roma exclusion. As such, ERGO uniquely bridges the gap between grassroots level and European level.

As a grassroots platform, ERGO’s activities reflect common concerns and ownership of priorities, objectives and approaches between ERGO Network and its members. Programmes, initiatives and actions are developed and implemented in consultation and cooperation with its members.


Roma Active Albania– Albania

Romano Centro   - Austria

OTHARIN  - Bosnia-Herzegovina

Integro  Association  - Bulgaria

Centre de Mediation des Gens du Voyage at des Roms  - Belgium


Slovo 21- Czech Republic

Life Together   - Czech Republic

La voice des Rroms  - France

Amaro Drom e.V  - Germany

Autonomia   - Hungary

Pro Cserehát Association- Hungary

Pavee Point  -Ireland

Roma Center Vilnius  - Lithuania

RROMA   - Macedonia

NVO Mladi Romi  -Montenegro

Policy Center  - Romania

Nevo Parudimos  - Romania

Centrul de Incluziune Sociala Cris– Romania

Roma Advocacy and Research Centre– Slovakia

Zero Discrimination - Turkey


KaskoSan  - U.K



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