ERGO Network wants to achieve equal opportunities for Roma in their societies and encourages them to take an active role in accomplishing respect for their rights as equal citizens.

ERGO Network connects organisations that share the conviction that Roma can and should participate as active citizens in their own societies. To overcome the discrimination and stigmatization that are root obstacles to their equal participation in society, ERGO Network supports civic empowerment, mobilization of Roma at grassroots level and leadership at all levels of society.

Our approach creates opportunities for Roma to shape the policies that affect them, which can make a crucial contribution to more successful outcomes of inclusion policies.

For ERGO Network and its members to combat the exclusion of Roma is a responsibility that needs to be shared by Roma and non-Roma. ERGO Network therefore promotes active citizenship, which implies participation, self-organisation, common responsibility and dignity.

At European level, ERGO Network expresses its members’ common concerns and aims to bridge the gap between day-to-day reality and policymaking. ERGO Network provides expertise to policy makers and politicians to design and implement more effective Roma inclusion approaches as part of mainstream policies.

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ERGO Network History

ERGO Network was founded in 2004 as an informal gathering of organisations engaged in Roma empowerment. Founding members Roma Active Albania, Integro Association (Bulgaria) and Spolu International (the Netherlands) formally registered ERGO Network as an association under Bulgarian law in 2008.

To strengthen the organisation, cope with a changing policy environment and be able to more effectively operate towards stakeholders and donors, ERGO Network and Spolu International Foundation merged in 2010. This allows the 'new' ERGO Network to benefit from the strong points of both organisations, expand membership and strengthen its position at European level. ERGO Network is now registered as a foundation under Dutch Law.

Spolu International Foundation had a fifteen year track record in supporting Roma grassroots organisations; for more information about its past work please read the executive summary of the external evaluation report of the Strengthening the Roma Voice programme, that Spolu implemented with its partners during 2006-2010. Or download the latest annual reports under Documents & Reports.







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