Background knowledge

For journalists, our Roma Background Knowledge Base may be of interest as it contains much essential background information on the Roma situation ordered conveniently by topic.

EU context

EU Roma Framework, European Commission, 2011

ERPC Minimum Principles for the European Commission to make guidelines on the Roma National Strategies, European Roma Policy Coalition in response to the EU Roma Framework, 2011

Improving the tools for the social inclusion and non-discrimination of Roma in the EU, European Commission, 2010

The situation of Roma EU citizens moving to and settling in other EU Member States, European Union Fundamental Right Agency, 2009

The Situation of Roma in an Enlarged European Union, European Commission, 2004

Discrimination and prejudices

Roma Campaign Dosta, Council of Europe awareness raising campaign

EU-MIDIS 'Data in Focus' report: Multiple discrimination, European Union Fundamental Right Agency, 2011

EU-MIDIS 'Data in Focus' report: Examining discrimination and victimisation experienced by the Roma, European Union Fundamental Right Agency, 2009.

Discrimination of Roma & Sinti, Monitor Racisme en Extreem Rechts, Anne Frank Stichting


Civil registration and the prevention of statelessness, UNHCR Report, May 2009

Stateless, Open Society Institute


Housing conditions of Roma and Travellers in the European Union, European Union Fundamental Right Agency, 2009

Ethnic registration

Etnische registratie van Roma, Memo by Amnesty International, 24 September 2010 (Dutch only)



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