Stigmatisation and discrimination are fed by ignorance. This section provides background information on relevant EU documents, case studies from our partners and a knowledge base designed especially for journalists interested in Roma issues.

Relevant EU documents

In spite of a large number of successful and promising examples the commitment and the firm will of the public actors to use all the existing means for improving Roma inclusion remains the main challenge. The full involvement of Roma NGOs in drawing up plans, implementing and monitoring their impact is a factor for success which needs further investments of main stakeholders including the European Union in capacity building and operational functioning. 

This document offers a brief overview of relevant European documents on Roma issues as from 2005 until 2012.

Case studies by country

ERGO and its partners have gathered loads of experience on how to empower and strengthen grassroots Roma communities in South-Eastern Europe. We want to share these case studies with you. 

The leading question in ERGO’s work is: How do our activities contribute to the mobilisation and self-organisation of Roma and their participation in a wider Roma movement? In this section, you will find evidence showing that the methods ERGO works with do have actual results. We hope that our experiences are useful for you too!

Press enquiries

For journalists, our Roma Background Knowledge Base may be of interest as it contains much essential background information on the Roma situation ordered conveniently by topic.


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