Built on the success of the campaign REACT – Make Europe an equal place for Roma, ERGO developed the RomaReact campaign. It contains a mixture of innovative, low-threshold activities, coupling social media with outreach activities and events on local and national level.

This campaign combines the use of social media with offline activities. Active Roma are trained to be Reactors that empower their communities by building skills, by motivating each other to take responsibility and by experiencing the power of a shared voice. The Reactors are trained in digital democracy, organizing, internet skills and media outreach, who on their turn train peers and engage their communities in positive offline and online actions for equal citizenship.

RomaReact is centered around an interactive multimedia mapping platform (www.romareact.org) engaging both Roma and non-Roma to share their stories and Roma realities. RomaReact.org is a unique website that is generating a new source of data based on the self-perceptions of Roma. It seeks social change and justice by allowing a global online community of activists to commonly challenge stereotypes and prejudices.

RomaReact.org is engaging both Roma and non-Roma to collect information from the grassroots, information that is important for assessing the impact of Roma inclusion policies. The information gathered to RomaReact.org is used to assess the impact of Roma inclusion policies and helps to visualize daily anti-Gypsyism towards decision makers and the general public at the local and European level by providing the tools and skills to share their testimonies from the field.

Next to the overall -English- RomaReact.org website, the platform has local editions in Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Macedonia, enabling even more people to join and share their stories.

Albania: RomaReact.al

Bulgaria: RomaReact.bg

Turkey: tr.RomaReact.org

Macedonia: RomaReact.mk



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