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In the end, our work is about people respecting each other. But if policies are in place that justify and support second-class citizenship and discrimination, it is very hard to make positive changes on a community or personal level.

This is why ERGO Network is also strongly involved in advocacy work on EU and national level and through our partners on local levels, to help establish fair opportunities and basic equal rights as a level ground for respect to develop on. Our policy demands are not based merely on theories, but also on actual experience of intensive work and relations with a large number of European Roma communities. 

ERGO Network currently focuses in its advocacy on these priorities:

EU Policies Bottom-Up

The European Union regards Roma Inclusion as an important issue. But too often action plans, programs and initiatives thought up in offices in Brussels and national capitals do not fit the situation of Roma. ERGO wants to reveal actual obstacles to Roma inclusion and suggest how policies should be changed to have a greater impact. [more]

Promote Roma Human Resources Development

Indispensible is a targeted Roma component in EU programs to help individuals progress, but also to help create an avant-garde of professional Roma, who would be role models, take up key positions in public administration or assume leadership roles in business and civic society. [more]

Invest in Civil Society Capacity Building

A long-term investment in civil society is needed to develop the capacity of Roma communities to fulfill their stakeholder role. In particular, NGOs that – independently and critically - monitor policy implementation need support. The EU should release financial support for such organizations. [more]

Counter Anti-Gypsyism

Equal citizenship of Roma will remain an illusion as long as Roma face open and covert discrimination, racism even violence. The EU should commit to effective action to combat anti-Gypsyism by all available legal means and needs to recognize the specific character of anti-Romani practice and discourse, which will otherwise continue to cripple inclusion efforts. [more]



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