ERGO Network is a young and dynamic organisation established in 2008 by a small group of NGOs who shared the observation that everyday realities of Roma communities were hardly taken into account in policy development and implementation.


Founded on a shared philosophy of active citizenship, shared responsibility and grassroots empowerment, ERGO Network members aim to convince policy makers that positive change for Roma is possible when antigypsyism is recognized and tackled as root cause of the inequality they face and when the preconditions are in place for Roma to take part in civic life as equal stakeholders. 


NEWS from the Network:


ERGO Network co-organises 2nd EU Roma Week in the European Parliament

The EU Roma Week 2017 will be held from 27th March to 3rd April 2017 to mark the occasion of the International Roma Day on 8th April. The International Roma Day in 2017 will commemorate the 46th anniversary of the first Romani Congress that was organised in London in 1971. The second EU Roma Week is a joint initiative of the European Commission and the European Parliament, together with civil society and international organisations.  Between 27 and 29 March, numerous Members of the European Parliament will host events on antigypsyism, political participation of Roma, funding for civil society, recognition of the Roma Holocaust and litigation to fight school segregation. An exhibition and reception in the European Parliament will close the week on 3rd April in Strasbourg.

Read our press release here.

The Europe We Want - Just, Sustainable, Democratic and Inclusive

Together with 230 civil society organisations and trade unions from all over Europe, we signed a common appeal to European Heads of State and Government.

As we mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, we have a momentous opportunity to take stock of how far Europe has come – and how far we still have to go in order to offer a sustainable and prosperous future to everyone in Europe.  We call on European decision-makers to show leadership, vision and courage to set Europe on the path to a sustainable future which realises the rights of all people and respects planetary boundaries. Read our common appeal here.

Call for independent evaluator

We are searching for an independent expert to assess the achievements and lessons learned of the Framework Partnership Agreement between ERGO Network and DG Employment (2014-2017) entitled “Roma Included: Roma recognised as equal stakeholders in the policies targeting them”.

The expert is expected to assess the achievements of ERGO in implementing the FPA and reaching the objectives set and to give recommendations for future work. Read more here.



ERGO is looking for an EVS volunteer to join our office team

ERGO Network is looking for an enthusiastic and active young Roma who would like to join our office team in Brussels for 12 months in the framework of the European Voluntary Service (EVS). Have a look at our call for applications and don't forget to apply before 1st April 2017 if you are interested. You can find all the information here.


Evaluating with your target group – Roma beneficiaries of EU-funded projects must be involved in programme evaluations

In 2016, ERGO Network and its members in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Czech Republic together with Fundacion Secretariado Gitanos (FSG) conducted a small-scale investigation based on beneficiary interviews and desk research to explore how better use could be made of the involvement of final beneficiaries in evaluation. The research presents a number of exploratory conclusions about the value of systematic inclusion of the perspective of final beneficiaries to better evaluate the quality of projects, strengthen project design and review and encourage project implementers to adopt a stronger focus towards achieving results for their target groups.Read more about the research here.

ERGO Network asks Commissioner Marianne Thyssen to increase efforts to reach out to Roma in the European Pillar of Social Rights

On 28th February, Marianne Thyssen, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility met with civil society representatives to discuss the European Pillar of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its goal to end poverty.

Read our press release here.


Roma Youth Advocacy Seminar 2017 in Brussels

Join us in Brussels to learn about European policy-making and civil society advocacy, and to raise young voices in front of the European Parliament, European Commission and other stakeholders to combat antigypsyism and to advance important issues for Roma communities.

This six days lasting seminar (March 23 to 30, 2017, including travel days) is organized by ternYpe International Roma Youth Network, ERGO Network and the Documentation and Cultural Centre & Central Council of German Sinti and Roma. It will gather 40 young Roma and non-Roma activists in order to strengthen their capacity as young advocates and leaders to tackle antigypsyism. To apply read more here

Social inclusion of Roma in rural areas through CLLD process

Better integration of Roma people in rural areas is not only a social, but also a demographic and economic issue. The European Roma Grassroots Organization (ERGO Network) has been working actively to use bottom-up/ partnership-based approaches (such as LEADER/CLLD) as a tool to engage Roma people more actively in shaping the future of their rural areas. Read more on the work on CLLD and Roma  in BG, SK, CZ and RO here

Joint statement: International Holocaust Remembrance Day: EU must tackle contemporary Antisemitism and Antigypsyism

Brussels, 27 January 2017 – Today on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, anti-racism organisations across Europe urge European governments to make Antisemitism, Antigypsyism and all forms of racism a priority, in a context of increasing hate speech and security threats against minorities.

The International Holocaust Day is a vital opportunity to remember the tragic events of the Holocaust and to reaffirm our commitment to ensure that such injustices are never to reoccur. Full joint statement read here


Deadline extended 15th of January: Vacancy Executive Director ERGO Network 

**Due to issues with the email address, applications sent so far did not reach us, this is now fixed** you can send your CV and motivation letter at: by January 15th 2017, indicating in the subject of the email "Application for Director”.  Successful candidates will be invited for interviews in Brussels on January 30th and 31st**

European Roma Grassroots Organisations (ERGO) Network is looking for a new director who can motivate and lead its European office in Brussels.We are uniquely positioned to lead high-level advocacy processes, while keeping a clear eye making a difference for the Roma at grassroots level. ERGO Network brings together people and organisations sharing our passion to bring positive change to the conditions of Roma societies across Europe.

ERGO Network has its office in Brussels with a small but dedicated staff, composed out of high professional Roma and non-Roma. Currently, the network gathers 20 organisations from several European countries. 

Please read the call with the job description here


“The inclusion of the Roma community was encouraged and evaluated through a system of indicators developed by the ERGO Network”* - a story of success…

In Bulgaria the implementation of the CLLD in the 2014-2020 programming period started within the Rural Development Program 2014-2020, which is the successor of the LEADER approach that was applied in Bulgaria for the first time in the previous programming period. During this period, the budget for implementation of local development strategies is significantly increased - it is almost two times larger than the previous period’s, which means that the strategies that are expected to be funded will be two times more and this is due to the indicators that ERGO Network developed. Find the full article here


Message of the ERGO NETWORK from the Public event “COUNTERING SHRINKING SPACE FOR ROMA CIVIL SOCIETY’ to the European Roma Platform


On November 29th, ERGO network organised a public event to discuss the ‘Shrinking space of Roma civil society’ which was co-hosted by MEPs Terry Reintke (Greens/EFA) and Tomáš Zdechovský (EPP).  Over 80 people participated in the meeting. One of the conclusions is that there is a squeeze on available funding for work that is not strictly oriented to the provision of social services: advocacy, watchdog work, civil monitoring, community empowerment and activism.  That shrinking space of civil society is a trend in Europe, but hits hard on Roma organisations, as they are scarcely equipped and often struggling for survival. Read more

ERGO Network Annual Platform Members’ Meeting


ERGO Network brought together people from over 20 organizations and young Roma activists for the Annual Members’ Platform that took place in Brussels on 28th of November. The meeting was open by  Ruus Dijksterhuis, Director of the ERGO Network who shared a short history of the work that was conducted by ERGO and opened a space for the members organizations  to present their own work and share their motivation for taking part in the network... Read more




14 November 2016

November 29th 2016 09.30 – 12.30

Brussels, Rue Edimbourg 26 (Mundo B, Conference Room)

Who can keep governments’ accountable -especially at the national and local level- on their performance to include Roma in society? Is there a role to play for (pro) Roma civil society?  There is a strong squeeze on available funding for work that is not strictly oriented to the provision of social services: advocacy, watchdog work, civil monitoring, community empowerment and activism.  Shrinking space of civil society is a universal trend, but hits hard on Roma organisations, as they are scarcely equipped and often struggling for survival.

To register and see full program read here


Czech NGOs meet with the Czech EdMin about the state hiring Roma and support for Romani students in the Czech Republic.

Deputy Education Minister Václav Pícl met with representatives of a National Working Group that consists of 11 Romani non-profit organizations from all over the Czech Republic on 3 October in his office at the ministry. "The aim of the meeting is to establish a constructive collaboration between established Romani nonprofit organizations and the Education Ministry. The coalition works with as many as 8 000 Romani people around the country and can be a bridge between the Romani community and the state administration," said Jelena Silajdži?, director of the Slovo 21 organization... read more

Update and steps forward: the 3rd meeting of the ERGO Members

ERGO Network brought together its co-workers from Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Bulgaria for the 3rd working meeting under the Annual Working Program (AWP) 2016 on the 20-21 September in Brussels.The aim of the meeting was to exchange the good practices and challenges that they are encountering on the work done under the AWP 2016.The ERGO team facilitated the meeting and helped the members to map out the challenges and together with their partners to find  solutions for a better collaboration and implementation of the... .Read more

Confronting antigypsyism- is the responsibility of the mainstream society.

ERGO Network was present on 6th of September at the high level event, hosted by the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, co-organized with ODIHR, the Council of Europe and the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, and brought together more than 130 participants, including members of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and of national parliaments, along with high-ranking governmental representatives, civil society representatives, and other relevant stakeholders in the fight against antigypsyism.All the speakers stressed the need to strengthen alliances among stakeholders, including the civil society and to build a firm stand of political leaders against antigypsyism.Read more


Member States need to step-up their efforts.

On June 27th 2016 the European Commission published their Communication on the implementation of National Roma Integration Strategies in 2015 and reviews, for the first time, Roma integration measures put in place under the Council Recommendation 2013. The report is based on information submitted by Member States of the efforts made to integrate Roma, supplemented by input from civil society. ERGO Network concludes that the report clearly indicates a lack of action in crucial areas -also those Member States with a significant number of Roma. Therefore, ERGO Network supports the urgent call of the European Commission’s on Member States to address the key priorities and step up their efforts.

In this note you find a brief examination of the European Commission’s (EC) assessment and indicate how it can be used by Roma Civil Society in their national advocacy.


Roma for Slovakia: Breaking Stereotypes and Changing Perceptions

During the weekend of 22 to 24 July 2016, Humenné became the headquarters of Romani activism in Slovakia. A group of NGOs and individual activists gathered to discuss opportunities for action and break the perceptions of Roma as passive recipients of help. Start of the initiative, led by Roma Advocacy and Research Centre (Rómske advokacné a výskumné stredisko - RAVS) coincides with the Slovak presidency of the Council of European Union (July to December 2016) and establishment of the Alliance against Antigypsyism (5 July 2016). To read more click here

 Commission launches Online Consultation to discuss the Roma Platform

The European Commission, DG Justice is launching online consultation which aims to establish the agenda of the European Platform for Roma Inclusion that will take place on the 29-30 November 2016. The online consultation process has been preceded by operational-level discussions and policy reflections with various relevant stakeholders (Civil Society Organizations, National Roma Contact Points etc.) resulting in the Agenda items proposed in the online consultation form. Consequently, the Commission now invites interested sides to identify the topics considered to be of most relevance within the context of the European Platform for Roma inclusion taking into account the political priorities both at European and National level with a focus on Roma needs at local level. Read more


ERGO Network and RomaReact at the Fundamental Rights Forum

ERGO Network has been presenting the online digital platform and a reference paper on Antigypsyism to the audience at the Fundamental Rights Forum that took place in Vienna from 20 - 23 June 2016. The Fundamental Rights Forum gathered 700 experts from around the world. The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights convened the Forum under the motto "Rights, Respect, Reality: the Europe of Values in Today's World" in order to connect, reflect and act on the  European fundamental rights. Read more

Alliance against Antigypsyism launches

5 July 2016

The Alliance against Antigypsyism today published a reference paper on antigypsyism, the specific racism against Roma, Sinti, Travellers and other groups who are stigmatised as ‘gypsies’ in the public domain. The reference paper proposes a working definition of antigypsyism. “This is necessary: the term antigypsyism is increasingly used, but there is no common understanding of its scope, depth and implications. This hinders the formulation of effective answers to tackle it,” said Gabriela Hrabanova of ERGO Network, one of the initiators of the Alliance against Antigypsyism. Read more

National Meeting of Roma Forum in Romania

Bucharest, 30 June 2016

At the InfoEurope Center, in Bucharest, on the 30 June took place the National Meeting of Roma Forum organized by Nevo Parudimos - member of ERGO Network in partnership with Romani Criss. Read More

Five years of the European Framework of the National Roma Strategies have passed. What is next?


29 June 2016

On June 29, 2016, in Brussels was held the conference “Five years of the European Framework of the National Roma Strategies have passed. What is next?” Organizer of the conference was MEP Peter Niedermuller from the S&D Parliamentary Group of the European Parliament. Read more

 ERGO Network Response: European Court of Auditors Report ‘EU policy initiatives and financial support for Roma integration’ addresses Antigypsyism but more concrete measures needed.

28 June 2016

Brussels, 28 June 2016

ERGO Network welcomes the European Court of Auditors Report ‘EU policy initiatives and financial support for Roma integration’. The report declares that “significant progress is made over the last decade, but additional efforts are needed on the ground”. Roma, the largest EU minority, have suffered and are still victims of discrimination, and “are mostly marginalised”. Read more

European Platform for Roma Inclusion Preparatory Meeting

Brussels, 17 June 2016
The annual European Platform for Roma Inclusion will be held in Brussels on 29 and 30 November 2016. With this regards the “Non-discrimination policies and Roma coordination” Unit under the Directorate-General Justice and Consumers of the European Commission organised its second preparatory meeting with relevant stakeholders, including the ERGO Network. Read more 

The ERGO Network signalized the European Parliament Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup (ARDI) 

Recently Bulgaria has become a stage of very disturbing and openly racist manifestations against Roma people. The 17-years-old Mitko has been brutally beaten for saying that “Roma” and “Bulgarians” are equal. Although the video of the incident became viral in social media and was shared thousands of times, the crime was not recognized by the regional prosecution as a “crime motivated by hatred” but as a “hooliganism”. A week later, in the city of Radnevo appeared a new conflict related to Roma: thousands of citizens were encouraged to come out and to protest against the Roma living in their town.

Amid all this, internet users were able to read the hate-speech of the Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazki from the European Conservatives and Reformists Parliamentary Group. Read more

ERGO Network is hiring a full-time Programme Coordinator

11 May 2016

ERGO Network is hiring a full-time Programme Coordinator to join its team in Brussels. Please read the call with the job description here. 

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their CV and motivation letter to by May 20th, 2016, 23:59 CET, indicating in the subject of the email “Application Programme Coordinator”. This email address can also be used for further information and questions.

We will review the applications on a rolling base. Successful candidates will be invited for interviews in Brussels on May 18th, 23rd, and 24th May. Skype interviews will also be taken into consideration. Only short-listed candidates will be notified.


Via Idro: From the House to the Sewer

"This is the end of the story of degradation and marginalization. The wound that had been opened in the '80s for the Roma people from via Idro now starts the path of integration, law and real inclusion into the urban context" declared on 15 March this year Marco Granelli – the Milan Councillor for Security. The statement was made right after the closure of the regular camp via Idro and the uprooting of 97 people from their homes. In fact what Granelli calls “real inclusion into the urban context” is putting people out of their homes and placing them in the sewer. Read more

Invitation to sign the Manifesto in frame of ‘Roma Week in the European Parliament’

In frame of the ‘Roma Week’ we are asking Members of European Parliament you to sign the manifesto and pledge for the implementation of the resolution of 15 April 2015 on the occasion of International Roma Day – antigypsyism in Europe and EU recognition of the memorial day of the Roma genocide during World War II. Read more about the invitation to MEPs here




5 April 2016

Open Air Breakfast – young Roma activists meet EU decision makers

On 6 April, 75 young Roma activists invite you to join a Public Breakfast with MEPs, European Commission and the incoming Slovak EU Presidency on the European Parliament Esplanade.  Anticipating the 45th celebration of International Roma Day on 8 April, the event challenges stereotypes of Roma and highlights the need for action to fulfil the EP’s 2015 landmark resolution on the fight against antigypsyism.

The open air breakfast is organised by the European Roma Grasroots Organisations (ERGO) Network, in cooperation with Phiren Amenca International Roma Youth Network, ternYpe Roma Youth Network and Foyer vzw. Young Roma activists from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Slovakia, Romania, Spain and Sweden express their aspiration to be the Generation of Change in up to 10 parallel breakfast table conversations with decision makers.            

                   9.00 - 9.10       Official opening of “Roma Youth Week” by Tiina Astola, Director-General DG Justice

                   9.10 - 9.15       Photo session with Director-General, MEPs, young Roma and guests

                  9.15 - 10.00     Breakfast conversations with Director-General Astola, MEPs, Peter Pollak (Slovak

          Plenipotentiary for Roma), and young Roma from across Europe

10.00-11.00     “The role of Roma youth in combating antigypsyism”: Debate with Soraya Post (MEP S&D), Barbara Spinelli (GUE/NGL) and Damian Draghici (MEP S&D)


                  Roma Week in the European Parliament    

`  The open air breakfast is organized as part of the Roma Week in the European Parliament: a series of events aiming to celebrate International Roma Day. The Roma Week in the European Parliament is organized in cooperation with Roma NGOs and MEPs and will take place within two days: 5 and 6 April 2016. The Roma Week in the European Parliament is granted the patronage of the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz. The detailed agenda of all the activities can be found here. The poster of the Roma Week in the European Parliament can be found here 

  April 8, 2016, marks exactly 45 years since the First World Romani Congress, which took place in Orpington, near London.

  April 8, 2016, also marks one year since the adoption of the resolution of the European Parliament dedicated to the fight against anti-Gypsyism.

For more information, please contact Atanas Stoyanov: +32 465 261 209


UPCOMING 45 years of International Roma Day: Roma Week and Roma Youth Advocacy Training



This year, April 8 – the International Roma Day is a little more special than before.

April 8, 2016, marks exactly 45 years since the First World Romani Congress, which took place in Orpington, near London. On this historic day, in the presence of 23 representatives of nine countries and numerous observers were accepted the Roma flag and the Roma anthem.

April 8, 2016, also marks one year since the adoption of the resolution of the European Parliament dedicated to the fight against anti-Gypsyism.

To honor the date, the European Roma Grassroots Organisations (ERGO) Network involved in organizing the so-called Roma Week in the European Parliament Read More

Czech Roma NGOs met to discuss their plans for coalition

The member of ERGO Network in the Czech Republic  - Slovo 21 has called civil society organizations to meet to discuss their plans for a collective work in the coalition. The two days meeting gathered about 15 organizations, focused on the how the cooperation of organizations in the coalition will look like and on the development of the concrete advocacy plan Read More

ERGO Network launches a study on the Equality Bodies in seven member states


On the occasion of the International Day for the elimination of racial Discrimination, 21 March, the ERGO Network launches the synthesis paper “Equality Bodies: Promoting equality and fighting against discrimination of Roma”. Read More

Registration for the conference “Employment Opportunities for Young Roma”

18 March 2016

In cooperation with a number of members of the European Parliament, the ARDI intergroup and pro-Roma NGOs, ERGO Network organises a Roma Week to mark the 45th celebration of the International Roma Day, 8th April.

Due to limited spaces we kindly ask you to fill out the below registration form until March 25th. You will receive a confirmation of your registration by March 30th. 

Register and read more


PETITION: Don't evict Roma families of 'Via Salaria’ in Rome, Italy and offer decent alternatives!

Appeal from the inhabitants the ‘Via Salaria Collection Center’, Rome Italy

We call upon you to offer the opportunities to the Roma people from via Salaria to live like equal citizens in Europe -with decent housing conditions and facilities that make sure their children can invest in a better future.

After accommodating us in inhumane conditions for years, after having spent millions lot euro on us, while soon we will be left on the streets without any decent alternatives to become equal citizens!

Sign the petition here

Read more

ERGO Network met with the United Nations High Commissioners for Human Rights

Brussels, 14.3. 2016

Zeid Ra´ad Al Hussein, the United Nations High Commissioners for Human Rights, met with more than twenty Brussels-based civil society organizations, including ERGO Network... Read more

UPDATE VIA IDROThis week the camp will be evicted!

The story of the people from Via Idro ends sadly. After the decision of the State Council on March 2nd which has considered unfounded grounds of the residents who demanded to stop the eviction, Milan Commissioner Marco Granelli has decided to speed up the eviction of Roma families... Read more

Roma Active Albania is looking for a Regional Project Coordinator 

Roma Active Albania is looking for a Regional Project Coordinator for the EU-funded project "Joint Initiative to Empower Roma Civil Society on the Western Balkans and Turkey". Find more

Around 300 Roma unlawfully evicted around Milan, Italy 

On 25 February 2016 the Italian member of the European Grassroots Organizations Network - Association Upre Roma, was signalized on the eviction of about 300 Roma people in the settlement in via Ripamonti in Milan. After immediate on-site inspection was found out that only dozens of families with children (61 persons) have been welcomed in social emergency centers, but the rest of the families with children remained excluded and left without any solution.  Read more




Roma Youth Advocacy Seminar, Brussels, 31 March until 7 April 2016

(including travel days)

This seven-days seminar is organized by Phiren Amenca, ternYpe International Roma Youth Network and ERGO Network. It will gather 30 young Roma and non-Roma youth in order to strengthen their capacity as young advocates and leaders to tackle antigypsyism. During the seminar, the group will run a youth campaign against antigypsyism targeting EU level actors, like Members of the European Parliament and European Commission. The campaign is part of the “Roma Week” ahead of the 8 April – International Roma Day.

The “Roma Week” is an initiative of a group of Members of the European Parliament and civil society organizations to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the International Roma Day. The “Roma Week” is taking place at the European Parliament on April 4-7, 2016.

Full call for participants available here

Youth Guarantee: Opportunities for young Roma (Findings)

 ERGO Network presents its synthesis note on the European Youth Guarantee

Youth unemployment is one of Europe’s big challenges. For young Roma, it is often a persistent struggle: for many, the impact of the economic slowdown is compounded by common aspects of Roma social exclusion, including substandard education and direct or indirect discrimination on the labour market.

Read the findings here


The ERGO Network expresses its concerns about the closure of the Roma Department in the Municipality of Kavarna

The Bulgarian National Roma Civil Society Coalition “Intellect”* came earlier today with an official position concerning the massive firing of Roma employees in the Municipality of Kavarna, Bulgaria. Read more

ARDI launch: Together against racism 


On 26th January the European Parliament Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup (ARDI) was launched with an event on the theme “Together against racism.” The event was hosted by the members of the ARDI Bureau and guest speakers included Mr Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission and Mr Michael O’Flaherty, Director of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. Tackling the antigypsyism is a strong item in the work plan of ARDI with Soraya Post, becoming a co-chair of the group with a strong focus on this phenomenon.

ARDI is an important ally of the ERGO Network. ARDI together with the coalition of civil society organizations and and more then twenty members of European Parliament are preparing number of events under the “Roma Week 2016” ahead of the international day of Roma. Read more about the ARDI Launch. 

Update Petition: Stop Eviction of Roma from Via Idro, Milan

Mr. Granelly, City Councillor of Milan, has suspended the eviction of the 20 families of Via Idro!!
Some touching news: Children from the school of the Roma kids send a letter to the Mayor of Milan asking not to take their friend from the school. Read more


Stop eviction Roma families of Via Idro, Milan! Sign the petition

On January 10th, 20 Roma families will be evicted from the regular camp called Via Idro in Milan. Read more

To sign the petition click here


Public Event

ERGO Network Knowledge Fair, register now!

Generation of Change? How to achieve equal opportunities for young Roma, starting now!

Monday 7th December 2015

Breakfast of Champions & Knowledge Fair 8.30 – 12.00
Networking Lunch 12.00 – 13.30
Expert Workshops 13.30 – 16.30

Venue: Mundo B, Rue d’Edimbourg 26, 1050 Brussels

Can today’s young Roma be the generation of change? Can they shake off the poverty and stigmatization that paralyzed earlier generations and present a more positive portrait of their communities?

The ERGO Network Knowledge Fair showcases that there are no reasons left to postpone the actions needed to break the vicious cycle of Roma exclusion. Take the opportunity to meet young activists and experts from across Europe, who share their experiences and bring alive the arguments for more resolute action. 

Full program here

Register online here.

European Semester 2015: the Roma perspective

ERGO Network has supported its member organisations in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia in understanding and analysing the European Semester process and proposing recommendations to both the national and the European level. read more



28 October 2015 - URGENT!!! Eviction of Roma camp in Malmö, Sweden planned this Sunday - 28 October - read more


21 October 2015 - European Parliament Hearing on Fighting Racial Discrimination in Housing: Forced Evictions against Roma: Recommendations from the stakeholders - read more


Earlier news


Roma for Slovakia: Breaking Stereotypes and Changing Perceptions



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